Maliq & D’essentials

Maliq & D’essentials is an Indonesian soulful band, that was formed in 15 May 2002 and consists of 8 personnel. They are among Indonesia’s first soul artists. Contrary to the popular belief, "Maliq" is not the name of their lead singer. Instead, it is an acronym of "Music And Live Instrument Quality". Maliq started as a concept by Angga Widi (producer, composer, arranger and song writer) and Indra (executive producer and manager). The actual band, D’essentials, are Angga (Male vocal) Indah Dimi (Female vocal), Satrio (guitar, and now Satrio's build a new band, Alexa), IVA (piano & keyboard), Jawa (bass) and Amar (trumpet). Nowadays the two entities are inseparable. The band’s first 2 years were spent in cafés, lounges and bars. It was the time when Indonesia were not yet accustomed to soul music. Their first album, "1st", was released in 2005 with a special edition in 2006. The second album, "Free Your Mind", was released in early 2007.

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