Alexa bandAlexa is an indonesian band was formed in jakarta that bring Pop music genre. they portray the type of Pop music and then they call that type of music that is more specific, "Power Pop". basis that they bring the music is "rock". but they make a loud rock music in a more gentle yet still powerful. Musk and the Pop music that has the feel of a little distortion. Alexa's history started friendships of Satrio and JMono. Satrio, which is ex-guitarist of a band Maliq & D'Essentials, and JMono is the bassist player from the session player included some Parkdrive band. Alexa is a name taken from the name of one of the Greek goddess, Alexa. Alexa attend of indonesia's music industry with their debut album under the label Soundsation and Warner Music Indonesia in 2008 with the songs that are immediately successful in the market that is "Jangan Pernah Pergi". and at this time, Alexa is able to penetrate and compete in indonesia's music industry with their music that they bring.

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