Irwansyah is an artist film, TV, and indonesian singer who was born in Jakarta, March 6, 1985. Irwansyah name after the famous sing a song "My Heart" duet with His Girlfriend (Acha Septriasa) in film soundtrack, "Heart" that they both stared. success after that, then Irwansyah duet soundtrack for another film titled "Ada Cinta" which is also the soundtrack to their starring film, "Love is Cinta." after a conflict with his girlfriend, Irwansyah going music career with a solo career. Melly Goeslaw and the person who is most involved in process Irwansyah's solo album with the hit single "Kutunggu Jandamu". Not denied, for a lot of doubt whether this Irwansyah indeed have talent in the field of sound by a lot of pull observer indonesian music. But this is not the case, the attempt and be evidenced by Irwansyah solo's through this album.

Hit Song : Pecinta Wanita

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