Free Download Songs From Imeem

You certainly know a social media site called imeem is a site that allows its users to upload songs, video, or photo to appear online streaming. than the upload, of all people can download.

But, for the song/video, we have to pay a certain amount. I have a song (My Band Song) that have uploaded to imeem, but if want to download a song again that I must pay to Amazon and (or) iTunes. I regret when I finally track it in the "claims" by imeem, and I must pay my own songs if want to download.

I was looking for ways to download my songs are "free". and finally, I found its way. this way I want to share if you want to download free songs from imeem.

The Steps are:

  • Search a song from imeem
  • Copy the url address to track imeem site
  • Open the (in a new window at your browser)
  • Copy url file (from imeem that you have selected0) and click sign "V" on agreement therm of service (don't worry, it's free)
  • Click "Get Files", will appear in the form in FLV file format
  • Click right on this file, and select "Save link as"
  • Save to a folder on your computer
  • Use a converter from "FLV to MP3", if not own can be downloaded at:
  • See on right sidebar on "Product" category.
  • Select Freez Flv to Mp3 Converter

And now, you have free song from imeem....:-)

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