Eet Sjahranie

Eet SjahranieEet Sjahranie, born in Bandung, Indonesia, on February 3, 1962, is one of the top indonesian guitarists and He was a guitarist of a popular rock band group Edane. Type of his guitar plays is influenced by the world's top guitarist Joe Satriani. and many people say that the last name Eet (Sjahranie) taken from the back of the guitarist "Joe Satriani" as a symbol of recognition and indonesian music lovers to put a noose Eet with Joe Satriani. with Edane, Eet pour in the ability to play the guitar. Make the dream of rock group, not the most musical of the same quality with the rock groups from the outside, try to achieve it. The result, everyone recognizes Eet be calculated successfully present a quality rock music. Slices of guitar techniques and high-distortion sound experiment is a meticulous, and the tone progression attention, many people make applaus against him. So, not too excessive if He gave the surname as one of the best guitarist in Indonesia.

  • Eet's Guitar Skills : Evolution(Edane's Song)
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