The Changcuters

The Changcuters is an original music group that was established in Bandung in 2005. this band is able to penetrate domination popular indonesian bands at this time carries a minimalist pop music, and the success of Changcuters music "Rock N 'Roll", which is the ancient music for young people nowadays. The Changcuters start in the music industry with indonesian album titled "Mencoba Sukses." with producers on the album by one of the Peterpan's personnel, Uki. This album was release on August 2006 which accompanied the launching of the album is quite spectacular, which they called "Konser Modal Nekat The Changcuters", The Changcuters single concert that was attended by approximately 10,000 people. at this time, name of Changcuters famous band with the Rock N 'Roll Music with a funny personnel, but still priority quality of the music.

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Hit Song : Gila Gilaan

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