Addie MS

Addie MSAddie Muljadi Sumaatmadja, or better known as Addie MS, is a Indonesian conductor, pianist, song creator, composer, arranger, and music producers. Addie MS was born in Jakarta at october 7, 1959. besides, Addie MS is one of the founders of Twilite Orchestra until now and still holds the calyx orchestra conductor. Addie MS's career in the music industry of Indonesia began in 1979 as an arranger and producer for the albums recording many indonesia's pop singers. among others, Vina Panduwinata, Harvey Malaiholo, Utha Likumahua, Chrisye, to foreign performers such as Suzanne Ciani of the United States. A very great reputation from Addie MS is a long history of proud indonesian music that yield a lot of great musicians. not only in indonesian, but also in the world.

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