Vina Panduwinata

Vina Dewi Sastaviyana Panduwinata, born in Bogor, West Java, August 6, 1959, or better known by the name of Vina Panduwinata, is one of Indonesia's Pop Music Diva. Her most famous song titled "Burung Camar". because that popular song, Vina Panduwina also often called with "Si Burung Camar". After a dismal crosswise in the world music of the country for 25 years and lay a dozen albums, Vina shows the single concert with titled Viva Vina on February 18, 2006. Vina play long journey to become full time Anugerah Music Indonesia (AMI) gave Lifetime Achievement award in 2006. Vina's top award winning performance and dedication throughout his life that music intended for. Viva Vina....

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Hit Song : Burung Camar

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