Kotak bandKotak is an Indonesian rock band which is a combination of young talented musicians that's a place band talent search program on TV called DreamBand at around 2004 year. Kotak is the champion of the "champions", that is the winner of most much SMS votes spectator event. Kotak started personnel is Pare (Vocal - replaced by Tantri), Posan (drum), Ichez (bass - replaced by Chua), and Cella (guitar). sobby out, Pare chose to resign from Kotak Band and want to solo career. while, Ichez also out and is now incorporated as The Rock Indonesia's bassist. Kotak eventually find a new vocalist less powerful rather Pare - even on the other side who do not have excess Pare owned. and Kotak new vocalist is Tantri. Tantri is a former vocalist of Ares band who also joined in "DreamBand 2005". with this new formation, Kotak has become even more popular and get a wider appreciation. not only in Indonesia, also Malaysia, Singapore to Japan. This year, Kotak was selected as one of the best bands in the music event Planet Muzik 2009 in Singapore.

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