The Rock

The Rock bandThe Rock is an Indonesian band with brings rock music. The Band is a personal music project as well as leader of Dewa 19, Ahmad Dhani. originally, the band is from Ahmad Dhani's idea to create a band and want to create the band with "more rock" music, and have world-class music taste. and then Ahmad Dhani establish The Rock. The Rock formed by personnel who are members of Australia's underground band, Fire Shark. they are Mark Williams, Zachary Haidee-Keene, Michael Bennett, and Clancy Alexander Tucker. The Rock's first album, "Master Mister Ahmad Dhani I", released on August 2007. This album resulting 3 hits songs. is "Munajat Cinta", "Kamu Kamulah Surgaku", and "Aku Bukan Saiapa-Siapa", and success in indonesia's music industry. running over time, probably due to a matter or rushing each, The Rock often appear without the original personnel that from Australia. while The Rock performing often supported with the band members that combination of several indonesian musicians who are chosen by Ahmad Dhani. and at this time, The Rock is always present with local personnel and designate himself, The Rock Indonesia.

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