Tulus is an Indonesian pop jazz singer from Bandung, Indonesia. Muhammad Tulus (born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia, August 20, 1987), better known as just Tulus made a very special music where he continued showing his passion in jazz without having to go too hard in it. He brings the side of jazz which is enjoyable, loveable and relaxing to listen by wider segment of music listeners.

His debut album named "Tulus", which is produced by Ari Renaldi, and circulated by Demajors, released by his own record company, Tulus Records in September 2011, in which he himself along with his brother, Riri Congress acted as executive producer. The songs like Sewindu, Teman Hidup, Kisah Sebentar, Tuan Nona Kesepian, dan Jatuh Cinta, dominate the charts on radio stations throughout Indonesia.

Look at how great his single “Sewindu” is doing right over leading radio stations all over the big cities of Indonesia in 2011. Musik Tulus (Tulus means Sincere in English); that’s the way he calls his music; is the kind of music that’s very friendly to everyone’s ears. His well-built and steady crooning voice will melt girls’ heart in no time, as for the guys, you will find the music easy to love as well.

Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine named Tulus as an Editor's Choice: "Rookie of the Year in 2013".

Tulus often hold a single concert to satisfy his fans. His first concert was held in the auditorium of Centre Culturel Francais (now IFI) Bandung, entitled "An Introduction: Tulus" on September 28, 2011, then the concert "Beyond Sincere" in Jakarta Arts Building on May 25, 2012, and the last is a single concert titled "Konser Diorama" on May 9, 2013 at the Dago Tea House, Bandung.

Tulus also known as a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1991 in Oslo. It later evolved into the band Khold. After Khold went on hold in 2006, Blodstrup and Sarke resurrected Tulus. Tulus has a “fourth member”: Blodstrup’s wife, Hildr (Hilde Nymoen), who writes all lyrics for both Tulus and Khold.

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