Since its inception in 1988 ago, Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) album has sold more than 11 million copies, which mostly come from Asian markets.

After entertaining fans as Valentine in February in Jakarta, the Danish pop rock band Michael Learns to Rock will be re-visited Indonesia. This time will MLTR concert in five cities in 2015.

It has been announced by the promoter Marygops Studios, Friday (14/11). In the plan MLTR will tour in five cities in Indonesia, including Medan, Jakarta, Manado, Makassar and Bali.

Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) will hold a concert at the Entrance Music Temple Medan on January 5, 2015, continued in the Foundry 8 Jakarta on January 07, 2015. Furthermore, they will continue the concert again in Manado Score on January 9, 2015, then in Zone Cafe Makassar on January 10, 2015 and the last concert on January 12, 2015 at the Hard Rock Cafe Bali.

Ready to rock Indonesia !!!
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