Judika, is an Indonesian male singer who has a full name Judith Nalon Abadi Sitohang (born in Sidikalang, August 31, 1978) is the new idol singer Indonesia today.

Judika is a singer who became known in Indonesian music industry after as a runner-up at the event Indonesian Idol 2, after losing in the SMS polls by Mike Mohede.

Judika has a powerful chest voice, wide range, and breath control / vocal stamina best among other Indonesian male singers. Vocal range starts from low B (B2) below middle C to B (B5) above high C. Judith could reach high C (C5) is a high tone for men, easily without the use of mix and falsetto.

Aside from being a solo singer, Judika also is the lead singer of a band called Mahadewa which is led by Ahmad Dhani.

Hit Songs: Sampai Kau Jadi MilikkuAku Yang Tersakiti, Bukan Dia Tapi Aku, Bukan Rayuan Gombal, Papa Mama Larang and more

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