Raisa Andriana (born June 6, 1990), professionally known by her mononym Raisa, is an Indonesian singer. Before becoming a soloist, she is a former vocalist of Indonesian band, Andante. Raisa released her first album on 2011 by Solid Records and Universal Music Indonesia. The album is produced by Asta Andoko, Ramadhan Handy and Adrian Ario Seto.


2008-2010: Career beginning and "Andante"
Raisa's singing talents have been seen since she was small. When she was 3, little Raisa often pretends to be a singer on stage.

She was the vocalist of Andante, a band founded by Kevin Aprilio. Andante was the earlier version of the band Vierra which is founded in 2008. There were five members of the band: Raisa Andriana, Widi Soediro, Raka Cyril, Satrianda Widjanarko, and Kevin Aprilio himself. Raisa got eliminated from the band because the label wanted a different concept.

Raisa was also a regular singer in cafes. She got many opportunities from being a regular cafe singer.

2010-2013: "Raisa"
Raisa started gaining recognition for singing Serba Salah (All I Do is Wrong), and she became one of the guest stars on Java Jazz Festival 2011. After performing on the prestigious event, she started to gain popularity and she got an award in Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian Music Awards) as Best Newcomer.

Her first, self-titled album was produced and released in 2011 by Solid Records and Universal Music Indonesia. Producers of the album were three young musicians from Indonesian bands, named Asta Andoko (RAN), Ramadhan Handy (Soulvibe), and Adrianto Ario Seto (Soulvibe), supported by Nanda Oka and Asta Andoko as Executive Producers of Solid Records.

2013-present: "Heart To Heart" and "Indonesian Idol"
Raisa launched her second album titled Heart to Heart on November 27, 2013. Tracks from the album remained on top positions for the entire year. Upon the press conference for the launching of this album, she gave a clear statement that she's here to stay, and there surely will be a third, fourth, fifth album and so on. She also held a mini-concert for the press and 300 fans who got chosen from pre-ordering her album.

In 2014, Raisa became a guest and substitute judge of Indonesian Idol 2014.

Source: Wikipedia
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