Indonesian Top 20 Albums of 2010

2010 year has been passed, and left many a goodor bad impression. 2010 year is an exciting year for music of Indonesia, some former band experience rejuvenation and leave a lasting impression on this year through their best albums.

So many new comers or old musician who released a new album to enliven of music industry and among these must be very attractive to Indonesian music lovers. of all throughout 2010, this is the best album that released of 2010, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine's version.

  1. Bangkutaman - Ode Buat Kota (Jangan Marah/Demajors)
  2. The Flowers - Still Alive and Well (Demajors)
  3. Bonita - Laju Rumah (Bonita/Demajors)
  4. Sarasvati - Story of Peter (Self Released)
  5. White Shoes & The Couples Company - Album Vakansi  (Purapura Records/Demajors)
  6. Kelelawar Malam - Kelelawar Malam (Jenggo Records/Demajors)
  7. Monita Tahalea - Dream, Hope & Faith (Inline Music)
  8. Sandhy Sondoro - Sandhy Sondoro (Sony Music)
  9. Frau - Starlit Carousel (Cakrawala Records/Demajors)
  10. /rif - 7 (Sony Music Indonesia)
  11. Leonardo - The Sun (Buttonijo/Demajors)
  12. Andien - Kirana (Platinum)
  13. Maliq & D’Essentials - The Beginning od a Beautiful Life (Organic Records/Warner Music Indonesia)
  14. BIP - Berangkat (Fame Music)
  15. Slank - Jurustandur No. 18 (Slank Records)
  16. Gugun Blues Shelter - Gugun Blues Shelter (BugsPro)
  17. Jogja Istimewa 2010 - Album Kompilasi (Demajors)
  18. Iwan Fals - Keseimbangan (Fals Records)
  19. Endah N Rhesa - Look What We’ve Found (REIProject/Demajors)
  20. Siksakubur - Tentara Merah Darah (Fast Youth Records)
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