Starting from a variety of musical performances, one of them is Java Jazz 2006-2007, Pasto was formed through a talent show "Bintang Cari Bintang" that's broadcast by Trans TV on November 11, 2002. Pasto name itself was conceived by the artist Glenn Fredly, which means something that has a tireless spirit. consisting of four personnel, Bayu, Rudolph, Meeltho and Rayeen finally given the opportunity to make an album under the touch of Glenn Fredly.

But it turns out over time the integrity of this vocal group can not afford a solid. The group had disbanded, and then raised by Maia as a producer.

Together with Maia as a producer, Pasto with the new formation Rayeen (vocals & guitar) and Meeltho (vocals & keyboards), they returned to Indonesian music industry by releasing the single hits titled "Aku Pasti Kembali", a song from RATU with a new music arrangement.

Pasto also a slight change in the music. If earlier they tend to the genre of black music and R & B, but now the mainstay of Pasto with the song "I Need You", "Simpanan" and "Kata Hati" was featured more pop and less rock.

Mid-2009, Pasto re-released the single "Jujur Aku Tak Sanggup". and continued with the hits single "Tanya Hati" at the end of 2009.

Pasto desire to have not just a "single album" finally achieved, through the album "Kembali". In the album which contains 10 songs, not only have the old song, but there's only a few new songs, like Tanya Hati, Teman Atau Kekasih, Biar, Jangan Bilang Kau Tak Cinta, Sahabat and Cintaku Sejati
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