Restless is a Gothic Metal band from Indonesia. Restless born from the underground community in Ujungberung, Bandung. at that time, Ujungberung's underground music community has planning to make the phenomenal music project  which is combination of all underground bands from Ujungberung. and the music project successful and resulting Ujungberung Rebels or Independent Rebels music compilation. and Restless, is a part of that music compilation and the songs entitled "Embun Suci" is the Restless's hits song.

FYI, Ujungberung Rebels Community was produce many great metal bands such as Jasad, Forgotten, until the most famous Burgerkill.

Positive response from metal music lovers in Bandung, makes Restless increasingly convinced and confident to make a mini album. Restless's The first mini-album (Bentangan Sunyi), released in 2000 with hits song "Bentangan Sunyi". remarkable result, the song is very famous among undergound music lovers in Bandung and even the song almost everyday played in one of  Radio in Bandung that total plays of rock music (GMR FM). and in the period 2001 to 2002 they also doing album tour to Java - Sumatra.

After the first mini-album, and then Restless released the seond's mini-album titled Shadow of the Black (2003) and quite successful. and they album tour through the long process between the peroid 2003 to 2004. in 2005, Tru Lies Prod offered them to parties the third album on Kana Studio. Restless then change the musical concept with fixed incorporate distinctive elements in cultivating Restless enter the recording studio. in the process, one of they personnel resign from Restless because preoccupations. although not a replacement vocalist, cultivating music continued. with the help of good friends in Kana Studio, Restless introduced a new vocalis, namely Sheila.

Beginning in 2007 their had completed third album with titled Hariku Lebih Hitam dari Gelapnya Malam. but since that time Restless seemed to sink from underground music until now.

Restless Discography:
  • Singgle Album, Embun Suci (Independent Rebel, Aquarius 1995)
  • Mini Album, Bentangan Sunyi (Pieces Prod. 1997) 
  • Mini Album, Shadow of Black (Pieces Prod. 2002)
  • Full Album, Hariku Lebih Hitam dari Gelapnya Malam (True Lies Prod. 2007)

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