Tjahjo Wisanggeni

Tjahjo Wisanggeni is an Indonesian guitarist who has the great skills.was born in Medan on September 21, 1965, initially like teens mostly are began interested to learn guitar for just a gathering with friends. but He began to be interested for more serious in these instruments and decided to learn guitar at formally school.

Having had time to learn the basics of classical guitar at Yayasan Musik Indonesia (YMI), Tjahjo Wisanggeni then went to Los Angeles, USA and honed His guitar science at Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), in 1988. While in USA, precisely during the period between 1993 until 1998, He had worked for several famous producers such as Ross Robinson (Korn), Pat Reagan (Deep Purple) and Jim Weirt (Incubus).

Previously, in 1992, He had released a solo album (instrumental) titled "From the Other Side" with Mark Bistany (drums) and John Stenber (Bass). and then this album released in the U.S., Singapore and Indonesia. One year later, He formed the band called Nosferatu and released the album "Visible But Untouched" in 1994. In addition, Tjahjo Wisanggeni also explore the music skills with more performs at clubs and became a guitar instructor at the Music Castle, Beverly Hills - California, USA, during 1999 to 2000.

In 2001, Tjahjo Wisanggeni back to Indonesia and immediately became a guest star on KLa Project, replacing the position that left by Lilo (KLa project's guitarist) until February 2002. in mid 2002, He formed a new band named Nalendra with Adi Darmawan (Bass) and Gusti Erhandy (Drum).

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