Endank Soekamti

Endank Soekamti is a Punk Rock band from Indonesia. Endank Soekamti was founded in Yogyakarta at around January 2001 which consists of three personnel namely Ari (drums), Dori (guitar) and Erik (bass and vocals). Endank Soekamti using punk in the musical idiom, although not carry of punk's ideology. Lyrics impressed "at will", sometimes coarse, and unusual,  like mostly Punk bands distinctive style that critically about social issues.

Endank Soekamti musical's journey began from performs at music events until send the demo track to radio stations in Yogyakarta. the results, their song was chosen to be one of the songs in the album compilation of Radio Geronimo FM. finally in 2003 they released their first album titled Kelas 1, with the hits song "Bau Mulut" under the indie label Proton RecordTrack and sold 75 000 copies. success was continued, and on their second album entitled Pejantan Tambun with hits song that also the album title "Pejantan Tambun", was released by major label music company, Warner Music Indonesia, which makes Endank Soekamti most expanded popular.

Until now Endank Soekamti has released four album (Kelas 1 (2003), Pejantan Tambun (2005), sssttt...!!! (2007), and the last album Soekamti.com (2010) under Nagaswara record label). not much punk band in Indonesia that commercial success, besides Netral & Superman Is Dead which is also the Indonesian Punk Rock bands that quiet successful.

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