Dewi Gita

Dewi Yuliarti or better known as Dewi Gita, was born in Bandung on July 28, 1970, is an Indonesian female singer. Dewi Gita is also the wife of Indonesian popular band vocalist (GIGI) namely Armand Maulana. Dewi Gita's talent beginning as a dancer. but since 18 years old, Dewi Gita began pursue her singing talent after winning various music events at regional to national.

In 1990, Dewi Gita released debut single entitled "Jujur". this single quite successful and has established Dewi Gita to be more serious to career as a professional singer. after that, Dewi Gita released her first album titled Penari, and unleash hits single, "Penari". through this single hits can be told the name of Dewi Gita as the culmination of her career in Indonesia music industry.

The album's success was not followed by the subsequent albums. until now Dewi Gita has released four albums plus several singles. Dewi Gita in 2001 choose to reduce singing activity and more emphasis on family affairs. even at this time had only appeared on TV as "Sinden" (a singer of Javanese/Sundanese traditional music) in comedy program, Opera Van Java.

  • Hits Song : Penari (Free MP3 download)
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