Armada is a name of Indonesian band that currently famous with hits song "Buka Hatimu". Armada is just a new name in Indonesia's music industry, but its personnel have long been in the music industry, which was formed in Jakarta at mid-October 2007. before, name of this band is Kertas, which popular with the song "Kekasih Yang Tak Dianggap" that popular at around 2006. even more incredibly, the song was sung again at around 2008 by one of the top Indonesian singer, Pinkan Mambo.

After the band's internal conflicts, finally agreed to replace the name of Kertas Band became Armada Band. Armada itself has released two albums. after unsuccessful on first album, the second album is the peak popularity of Armada. evidenced by the hits song "Buka Hatimu" and "Mau Dibawa Kemana", directly receive good apreciation by Indonesian music lovers.

Armada consists of Andith (Drums), Rizal (Vocal), Endra (Bass), Mai (Guitar) dan Radha (Gitar). Armada brought the flow of music is "Melancholic Pop". this flow was built by the voice character of the vocalist and arranger of music which feels so melancholic with touch of music influence from the bands like The Beatles, Queen, The Police and more.

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