SCTV Music Awards 2010

SCTV Music Awards is an awards ceremony for musicians of Indonesia's music that held by the Indonesian TV station, SCTV. This year, SCTV Music Awards 2010 held back for the eighth time and was held on Thursday May 27, 2010.

Several months before this event, a poll of TV viewers via text messages (SMS) to select the nominees was held on March 22 to May 3, 2010. The results, selected 20 Bands/Singers who are designated as a nominee, are Afgan, Agnes Monica, Armada Band, Derby, d'Masiv, Ello, Geisha, Goliath, Hijau Daun, Kotak, Lyla, Nindy, Pasto, Ridho Rhoma, Rossa, Salju, The Virgin, Ungu, Vierra, and Wali. all nominations are competing to be the best at SCTV Music Awards 2010 in six categories, Male Pop Solo Album, Female Pop Solo Album, Duo/Band Pop Album, New Comers Solo Album, New Comers Duo/Group Album and Album Paling Ngetop (special word from SCTV), And five Special Awards respectively Favorites Band Singer, Favorites Guitar Player, Favorites Bass Player, Favorites Drum Player, and Favorites Keyboard Player.

And the culmination of SCTV Music Awards 2010 took place last night which resulted from the award winners in each category.

Here is the complete list of award winners of SCTV Music Awards 2010:

  • Male Pop Solo Album: Afgan 
  • Female Pop Solo Album: Rossa 
  • Duo/Band Pop Album: Wali 
  • New Comers Solo Album: Ridho Rhoma 
  • New Comers Duo/Group Album: The Virgin 
  • Album Paling Ngetop: Baik Baik Saja - Wali

Special Awards:

  • Favorites Band Singer: Pasha "Ungu"
  • Favorites Guitar Player: Mitha "The Virgin"
  • Favorites Bass Player: Dennis "Lyla
  • Favorites Drum Player: Posan "Kotak"
  • Favorites Keyboard Players: Kevin Aprillio "Vierra"
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