Plan of U2 Concert in Indonesia

After successful held concerts of several international artists in Indonesia, ranging from Saosin on January, Kelly Clarkson on April, and recently Pitbull on May 12th, though not enough to satisfy Indonesia's music lovers wishes to await the re-arrival of other international artists for held a concert in Indonesia. And the good news, which will be brought to a concert in Indonesia this year are the legendary rock band form Ireland, U2.

Plan of U2 Concert in Indonesia there's talks since 3 years ago of this plan between Tommy Pratama, Original Production promoter, and U2 management. Actually the U2 has agreed to held a concert in Indonesia in a series of tours this year (2010), but only few of the proposed terms there is one that is still a constraint. Bono (U2 Vocalist) is not give a decision to held a concert in Indonesia. Bono asked that the problems of humanity, global warming, environmental issues, and factors of poverty, cared for by the state. because Bono had promised that He would not come if the country is not concerned with that problems. Maybe Bono is still regarded Indonesia, that including the State was not ready to be visited for a concert, related to this issue.

But whatever His decision later, Indonesian music lovers really expect for U2 concert in Indonesia. Indonesia is the third most populated country in Asia. So U2 will consider of the commercial side, that Indonesia is a country that should be considered as a promising market for the music industry. In addition, Indonesia is a country that loves peace and is not what it seems from the political side lately.

U2, Welcome to INDONESIA...
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