If you hear the music from this band, we seemed to be brought into the world of fantasy and dreams. harmonization of meaningful lyrics and beautiful music. was rather difficult to digest and foreign sounding music that are hits music in the mainstream music industry, but this is the color of music that "must" heard to expel the saturation of the mainstream music.

This band is Homogenic. Homogenic is an Indie band from Bandung, West Java - Indonesia who brought the kind of music and producing rare combinations of electronic music. Homogenic was established in Bandung in 2002. Homogenic consists of three personnel, are Dina Dellyana (synth, rhythm progamming, bass, piano), Risa Saraswati (vocals - has resign) was replaced by Amandia Syachridar and Grahadea Kusuf (programming). Homogenic is one of the successful indie band from Bandung besides Mocca.

Until now Homogenic has released three albums titled Epic Symphony (2003) Echoes of the Universe (2007), and Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom. Let Thousand Flowers Bloom album is the last album that has released on April 2010 ago and results hits single "Seringan Awan". All of on their records have been released by FFWD Records, a leading recording company name in the independent scene. The Bandung-based label has proven Itself in on their all-out effort to spread the word about on their releases, events outside of Indonesia. The label has taken Homogenic Also Abroad. which is on their first international tour, playing an All-Indonesia series Called Rockin' the Region: Indonesia, at Singapore's finest art complex, the Esplanade-Theatre on the Bay. Playing on a Bigger Stage, the Baybeats Festival in 2009.

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This is band related information. This is called as Homogenic band. Homogenic is an Indie band from Bandung.

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