RAN is a music group from Indonesia that was formed on August 3, 2006. Consists of 3 members, they are Rayi, Asta, and Nino. group name is taken from the initials of their names. RAN starts appeared in Indonesia's music industry with bring a light music, easy listening and nuanced direct cheerfully stealing public attention. RAN comes with different nuances, combines of soul, pop, R&B and added a touch of hip hop. Plus the lyrics are fresh and simple, making them more easily accepted by the Indonesian music fans.

RAN famous with song titled "Pandangan Pertama". before, they succeeded in reaching the second winner in a music festival. and this song also introduces RAN  with Dondy Soedjono, the producer who then passed this demo to Universal Music Indonesia. and finally at the end of 2007, RAN released their debut album, For Your Life under management and the label of Universal Music Indonesia. And this album success in Indonesia's music industry. the songs of Pandangan Pertama, Nothing Lasts Forever and Selamat Pagi, are some songs that are often played on the radio and on television. thet are RAN's early success and now they become a new idol in the music industry of Indonesia with a very rare music performed by other musical groups in Indonesia.

- Members are : Astono Andoko/Asta (Guitar), Anindyo Baskoro/Nino (Vocal), Rayi Putra/Rayi  (Rap & Vocal)
- Website : www.ranforyourlife.com
- Record Label : KEP Media & Universal Music Indonesia
- Hometown : Jakarta, INDONESIA
- Contact / Booking : Allvino Adrian Tamaela (+6281933002344)
- Free Mp3 Download : Pandangan Pertama
- Lyrics (Pandangan Pertama)
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