Indonesian Song Festival 2010

Indonesian Song Festival (ISF) is an Event for Best Song Selection of young musician especially in Indonesia. in this year (2010), ISF held again. the winner of this contest will be included in the event to become ambassadors of Indonesia in the International Song Contest in the framework of ASEAN Song and Culture Festival 2010 which is followed by the ten member countries of South East Asian regional organization. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, and Laos.

Event to copyright and competition race tracks which are for all Indonesian citizens around the world without age limit, it is expected to find another original song composition Indonesian flavor. Activities will also be rang by a number of ASEAN partner countries such as Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand, China, and South Korea. International celebration that will be launched according to plan in April 2010. This event, using the parameters based on the assessment of the song composition, originality, harmonization, enrichment of the song, and communicative aspects.

The jury consists of various experts, especially the control of song composition values, as well as some other professionals, including music artists. ISF 2010 and the ASEAN Song and Culture Festival 2010 will be able to give birth again the talents of Indonesian composer and musician, as happened in the decade of 70's until 90's.

Requirements can be accessed through the website:
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