Ayunda Anindia Yandirest or better known as Nindy, was born in Padang, West Sumatra - Indonesia, on January 10, 1989, is an Indonesian pop singer who is currently popular. Nindy started her career in the music industry when She was a duet with other Indonesian top singer, Audy (as the winner in a contest) in a song titled "Untuk Sahabat". previous in 2007, Nindy had twice recording. Besides singing the song "Matahari" in the OST album Badai Pasti Berlalu the movie, Nindy had also works with Bragi Band to sing Bragi's song titled "Tidur Malam Ini" on the album The Best of Bragi.

Success in twice of album recording, seemed to make more challenged Nindy to try to launch a solo album. and finally She released a debut solo album in October 2008, titled "Tak Pernah Kubayangkan" and produced hits singles "Buktikan". this song through the fluttering Her name as a Pop Singer who deserves ranked as Indonesia's top singers. had never imagined by a Nindy that could eventually went into music industry. Victory in the contest in 2006 was later opened her inspiration to total as a professional singer in the music industry.
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