Zigaz is an Indonesian rock band that's now capable of stealing the attention of Indonesian music lovers. Zigaz consisting of Rama (drum), Azis (guitar), Randy (guitar), Ebi (bass) and Zian (vocal) that was formed at Jakarta on June 19, 2006. the music they bring is a reference from pop and rock music in 80s and the late 90s, but Zigaz can adapt their music to the current market tastes. With the strength of character and distinctive of vocalist dan choosing of music tones made Zigaz songs characterized by rock music, as well as catchy as pop music. Zigaz first album is "Zigaz" (self title) and produced hits song "Sahabat Jadi Cinta". Although including a new band in the music industry of Indonesia, but their personnel experiences with the band's previous can not be underestimated because they are mature enough in the processing of sound, lyrics, arrangement, and also skills. In the end, Zigaz hoping to survive and become part of the evolution of Indonesian music.
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keren nih band, sahabat jadi cinta lagu yang mantab

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