Atiek CB

Atiek Prasetyawati or better known as Atiek CB, is an Indonesian female singer that was popular in the era of the 80s in Indonesia's music industry. Atiek CB was born in East Java, on May 25, 1963. Atiek CB identical with the appearance of always wearing black sunglasses, that popular through several songs like "Suka-Suka", "Terserah Boy", and many more.

In addition Atiek CB also has joined with the vocal group, Rumpies, that has popularized the song "Nurleila". Atiek CB' singing career started when She released the first album titled "Nusantaraku". and start from there, Atiek CB is including a singer with very productive in releasing albums. long career as a solo singer, Atiek CB has released 26 albums. other than as a solo singer, Atiek CB also involved in collaborations with other musicians in Indonesia. as Fariz RM, Nicky Astria, Ronny Sianturi, 7 Bintang, and certainly never achieve greatness with Rumpies vocal group with Trie Utami, Vina Panduwinta and Malyda. and now, Atiek CB living in USA with her second husband and her children and never released the album.

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