How to Sell Your Own Song/Music Online

To sell your own song/music online on the internet, of course there are things that must be properly prepared and necessary strategies and campaigns telling, in the hope that our songs more widely accepted from around the world.

How to Sell Your Own Song/Music Online?
Prior to the steps of strategies and promotional, technical issues that must be prepared is as follows:

1. Song/music itself is must original. 
"This is the most important things" of the entire process of selling the song/music. because it is impossible to sell a song, if you do not have the song creation itself :-). the song itself of course must be original, and has the quality.
For terms of quality here, is the technical or quality of the resulting record. good assessment of whether or not of a song is relative.
2. Quality of song.
As mentioned in point 1, the quality here is the sound produced should be a professional recording standards. that through several processes such as tracking, editing, mastering, balancing, etc.

3. Duration of song.
The duration of a song actually is not a rule. but in commercial music industry, the duration of a song is important because the demands of the media (TV & Radio) who has to restrict the broadcasting and broadcast songs with a variety of reasons. duration of a commercial songs ranging from 3 - 5 minutes. 

4. File Format.
Your songs in the form of digital files, with the MP3 format (44.1 kHz - 320 bitrate or higher), or WAV format (44.1KHz, 16 bit samples, no compression).

5. Online Payment.
For this thing is a must, to do a variety of online financial transaction. almost all the sites to make transactions online using Paypal. Sign-up Paypal for free here..

6. Digital Art.
This is quite important that useful as a cover album, can be a photo or image art. must in digital image quality for maximize results.
That's all I can share. if you want to add more info or any question, I wait your comments below.

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wo.. good info! keep wrting..

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info yang bermanfaat bagi gw baru nich

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