Iwan Hasan

Iwan Hasan, is an indonesian contemporary musician who plays harp guitar. (harp guitar is a guitar with extra open strings the harp does not have a fret. The purpose of adding this is to increase the range of a standard guitar). In Indonesia itself, Just Iwan Hasan is the one and only contemporary musicians that exist with this harp guitar. Iwan Hasan is a guitarist as well as leaders of a progressive rock music group called Discus. and Iwan Hasan also played this instruments in 2 album of Discus. Iwan Hasan start widely known by indonesian music lovers after joining in a compilation album with consists of great guitarists of indonesia. This album called "Gitar Klinik (1)", produced by Rotorcorp/Musica, with the song entitled "Echoes Transcultural on 33 strings". music produced from His harp guitar passages is very beautiful harmonization. In the outside world, there were three musicians who attempt to generate a harp guitar. namely Stephen Bennett, John Doan, and Greg Miner. They produced an album titled "Beyond Six Strings", which was released in 2008. this album that feel of a new age soft and cool, and involve 13 musicians harp guitar (including the third and Iwan Hasan from Indonesia) to play a composition in this album. They come from different music genres, from folk and country traditions, classical and jazz, and contemporary music to rock and new age.
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mampir kasih salam, mampir balik bos

Selamat My Musik dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
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