Rotor is a Thrash metal band that comes from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 1991, founded by Irvan Sembiring. Rotor band name popular after a successful supporting act for Metallica's concert in Jakarta at around 1993. History of Rotor is not separated from the popular trash metal band of indonesia, Sucker Head. Irvan Sembiring (guitarist) resign from Sucker Head and choice to bulid own band (Rotor) with Seto (guitar), Didik (bass) and Bakkar Bufthaim (drums). During the eight year music career, Rotor successfully released 4 albums in 3 different major labels. AIRO, Hemagita and Warner Music Indonesia. Before officially disband, Rotor's bassist (Judapran) died because of drugs. ago, their former vocalist (Jodie, who had founded a band, Getah) who also died. The remaining lives of the guitarist as well as Rotor, M. Irvan Sembiring, who had to hang up the guitar forever and spend time in the case of religious.

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