iTunes as a Legal Media Songs Download that most successful on the internet.

Today, many peoples may have very rarely listening music through carbon tape reels called cassette. cassette, almost extinct and as nearly in the edge time.

The progress of technology has changed the music to the digital music. listening to music is slowly but surely has changed significantly along with the digitizing songs from cassette to Compact Disc (CD). grow and develop until now songs can be heard in a more sophisticated format that is MP3, Digital Streaming, until RBT (Ring Back Tone).

How to get music no longer have to go to the music store to buy the cassette/CD, but enough to sit in front of the computer, open the Internet, search for songs that want it, download, and play... music can be heard directly.

But, the song on the internet are mostly provided free by the owner of the web and also to get it for free also by anyone. although this practice is including illegal activities because is copyright piracy, but this practice will never be extinct "forever". because of the nature of human thought, "during which there is free, why you should buy?".

The music industry are continually looking for ways to minimize the illegal download in many ways. because in addition to infringing copyright harmful owner/creator of the song, also make physical music sales (Cassette/CD) decreased much over the many practices this download.

Download songs illegally on the internet that's the same with piracy in the real world. if only all the people in this world (especially in indonesia) and would have been able to purchase the original product, of this illegal practice will disappear by itself.

Actually, download anything on the internet is not a problem as long as "Legal". because the download is aimed to facilitate people to get any product on the internet. although not all free download illegal, because there are products that can be downloaded free of charge and provided by the owner of the product.

Then, this things became an inspiration of the computer company, Apple Inc, to make online music store. and online music store is called iTunes. iTunes as a media which aims to provide access to download legally for peoples in the world to purchase the song from artist album/song. iTunes is a great success that is not presumed by many people where all people can buy a song for $ 0.99.

iTunes online music store as the property of Apple record number of sales that is fantastic. By the end of years ago (2008), iTunes sales record number until 6 million full-track song downloads. Figures released at the MacWorld, in the explanation submitted by the year Phill Schiller, Senior VP of Product Marketing Worlwide Apple as quoted from

Do you have a song and you want to sell your songs at iTunes music store? I see in my article before Here...
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