Garasi is a band was born from the spirit, dedication, and love of music, from each of its personnel. music themes that they bring about unrest, fear, and rebellion. Garasi strengthened by Ayu Ratna (vocal), Aries Budiman (Drum), and Fedi Nuril (guitarist & keyboardist). the band was formed at around the end of 2005, and the beginning of their music career in the indonesia's music industry when released of the film with the same name (Garasi the movie) and at that time is their debut album released too. Their debut album was released as an original compilation soundtracks of the movie they starred in, contains 9 tracks, one of them is the song that made them popular is "Hilang". This band increasingly most popular band when their guitarist (Fedi Nuril), success as a movie stars at very phenomenal movie at that time, is "Ayat Ayat Cinta". but at this time, Garasi running without the vocalist (Ayu Ratna) who resigned in early 2009.

  • UnOfficial Site : Garasi (on Friendster)
  • Hit Song : Hilang (OST. Garasi The Movie)
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