Element is a creative pop band that was formed on February 14, 1999. members of this band is comprised of people who work as models and TV stars. initially, many people assume that this band not a band, but a BoyBand. because Element's personnel have a interesting face. like most Boyband. however, they are able to prove music skills and that they not only sell them face for music career seriously. after passing through the long way and complicated, Element finally released the first album "Hanyalah Cinta" in 2000 with the hit song titles are the same as the album "Hanyalah Cinta". but this album is less to get a positive response from indonesian music lovers and are unsuccessful album sales. turnover of personnel is not separated from this band too. Roni (vocalist) choose to resign. and replaced by Ferdy Taher as a new vocalist and still duet with Lucky Widjatmoko. with this new formation, Element's second album released, "Kupersembahkan Nirwana" (2001). and, this album is the peak of popularity of Element as a band and to be quite feasible as the top band in indonesia. Element ongoing success until they are able to release 9 albums. Currently, Element sinking from the indonesia's music industry because rushing each personnel to select serious with their personal music project.

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