Bimbo is a music group that was established in Bandung around 1967. Bimbo personnel consisting of Sam Bimbo, Acil Bimbo, Jaka Bimbo and Iin Parlina. Bimbo is one of the legends in Indonesia's music history. Bimbo's songs become inspirations for young indonesian musicians at this time to create music. Bimbo's songs identical with the songs that tend to be pitched of minor ballads with poetic lyrics. the theme of love, social, and religious being music characteristics of Bimbo. Bimbo's music existence early as when this music group released the first album at around the 70's with a very famous song "Melati Dari Jayagiri". running over time, songs of Bimbo began reaching a wider theme. Social, Daily, to the religious themes that make this music group is synonymous with the band that carries religious songs. the most phenomenal song with titled "Tuhan" which is one of the masterpiece of Bimbo.

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