Base Jam

At around the mid 90's era, Indonesia's music industry was dominated by singers/bands that carries type of music Rock or Slow Rock. very a few bands that dare to make something different for through the dominations of band/singer in this genre (rock). however, indonesian music lovers had obtained by the presence of a teenagers band that call themselves, Base Jam. Base Jam was formed on january 25, 1994, is able to steal the attention with they songs bring are simple, fresh, and spirit with style of young people at that time. no wonder then, Base Jam achieve popularity very quickly and make this band being new idol of young people. their famous song is "Bermimpi" that are on their first album. during in their music career, Base Jam has released 6 albums and 1 album (the best). like most other bands/group, Base Jam several times turnover of personnel. which resulted in the quality of their music is not so certain. until now, not heard from music industri and lost from music scence in indonesia. some former band personnel selected to join the band or choose as solo career singer. Adniel (ex-guitarist, joined with EVO band) and Sigit Wardhana select solo career as a singer.

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