Yana Julio

Yana Julio, is indonesian singer at 90's era that's popular with the vocal quality that is almost perfect. born with the original name Rusyana and more popular with the name Yana Julio, was born in Bogor, West Java, on April 8, 1960. Yana Julio started His career as a professional singer through of many music festival events . Yana Julio start famous after release of the first album entitled "Selamanya Cinta" (1995). a very popular song from Yana Julio is "Hasrat Cinta" and "All I Am", which is this song (all i am) is a recycle song from the world music group, Heatwave. than as a soloist, Yana Julio also a member of a music group, Elfa's Singers. with the Elfa's Singers, Yana Julio penetrated to many countries and became ambassador of Indonesia, among others, became ambassador of Indonesia in North Jazz Festifal in Den Haag (Netherland) and Thailand Jazz Festival in 1997. With leaders Elfa Secioria Hasbullah, Elfa's Singer was get top award as the Grand Champions in world Choir Consecutive Olympic games in Linz, Austria (2000), Busan South Korea (2002), Bremen Germany (2004), Xiamen and China (2006), and more. throughout His singer career, Yana Julio has released 8 solo albums.

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