Trisum, is a music group that consists of 3 great indonesian guitarists that was formed in 2004. be able to guess, this is an instrumental group, which only serve guitars tone through the passage of this 3 indonesia best guitarists. Dewa Budjana (GIGI Band Guitarist) and Tohpati is founder of Trisum. Balawan, the musician that famous with His taping guitar technique, together to produce great work. their music is mix the elements of jazz, rock, bluegrass, and etchnic. Trisum's first album is "1st Edition Album" realesed in 2007. 9 songs in this album are presented with musical tastes that sophisticated. could heard in the track "Kromatiklagi" created by Budjana, "Mahabarata" created by Tohpati, or "Mainz In My Mind" by Balawan. In every stage performs, Trisum supported by musicians such as Indro Hardjodikoro (electric bass), Sandy Winarta (drum), Eugen Bounty (clarinet), Sat Bang (flute), and Jalu Pratidina (kendang* - *indonesian traditonal musical instrument). but since the year of 2008, Trisum experience turnover of personnel. Balawan resign and be replaced by another great indonesian guitarist, Donnie Suhendra.

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