Seventeen is a pop rock band indonesia that was formed in Yogyakarta on january 17,1999. one of the interesting things that form this band, is formed by 3 persons of first formation namely Yudhi Rus Harjanto (Yudhi), Sikumbang Herman (Herman), and Andi Darmawan Windu (Andi), then all aged 17 years. the age of those who inspire the buildof this band. released their first album in 2003 with the title "Bintang Terpilih" is quite successful in the indonesia's music industry to sold 75,000 copies. 2 years later (2005) released their second album with the title "Sweet Seventeen". Major changes occur in this band, when in the year 2008 after released third album with the title "Lelaki Hebat" and delivered a very popular song "Selalu Mengalah". on this album, Seventeen replace their former vocalist namely Doni who has resigned, replaced by Ifan. and Seventeen's music changed the total rock before, became more Pop. because of the influence of the vocal character of Ifan be received by music lovers of the more knowledgeable. and this is the triumph of Seventeen who made them as a top band on board indonesia.

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