One Hit Wonder

Around the early of 90's era, is beginning of the emergence of many bands/singers who enliven in the indonesia's music industry. so much to make its competition to occupy the highest level as a band it competitive with the more popular bands/singers that have been exist before.

In a competition is about the "winner" and "losers". understanding here, the winner is not a champion of the event on a festival or an audition. but the winner is able to survive and still productive of work in the music. losers, of course, are only able to survive and just through after the released 1-2 album or single. ago after it lost in the map of competition in the music industry.


of winners and losers in this case not only the views of the quality of music. but the things which are usually non-technical that makes a band it can exist or remain submerged. but in terms of quality, not too much difference. even a lot of bands/singers who appear only momentarily and is renowned for good quality music. but able to produce only 1-2 songs and the songs are very popular and became hits. This phenomenon is called "One Hit Wonder". a course for example, Bayou, Singiku, Gallery, Ita Purnamasari, and many more.

One Hit Wonder can only recognition as a top band/singer as well as condemnation for each new entry in the music industry. because, the band/singer in a successful first album, will not necessarily achieve success in the second album or next. then, the second album is the album that is "very crucial" as the existence in music.

This phenomenon certainly will never be exhausted in the music. will always there's a band and it got the nickname "One Hit Wonder", now and later. competition will be more strict, and the bands/singers who is able to show the quality and existence of all, will be the band it is capable for reaching the highest throne in the music industry.
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