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In Indonesia, Music is not as an entertainment again. but has become an industry for people who are involved in the music itself, and for some people, music is a lifestyle. today, so many types of music that can be a taste choice for music lovers. from Dangdut, Pop, Rock, to the music that is very segmented, Jazz.

For this type of music, jazz, this music genre is still as a minority music in indonesia. because it is still a few musicians who are involved in commercial, and publications that only in certain circles. then no wonder jazz music still feels strange in the "ears" of indonesian music lovers.

Yes, jazz. you're jazz fan? of course you want to know about all things related to jazz.

If you frequently browse on the internet you must visiting a site called Horizon-Line.Com. For the jazz lover, Horizon Line.Com site is quite useful. With the slogan, Indonesian Jazz, Cyber Trend & Entertainment, Horizon line.Com-standing since 1997, provides information all about jazz music. Jazz music history, current news, schedule jazz music in Indonesia, of events in the jamz, presented a full and satisfying enough.

Horizon-line.Com even referenced site as one of the potential e-Community site in Indonesia, in Mark Plus Quarterly - a research released by MarkPlus & Co., namely, Indonesia e-Business Report 2001: Strategic Challenge for e-Business. This research illustrates the potential and business opportunities sites e-Community of Indonesia.

To more clearly, please visit this site in www.horizon.line.com

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