Deddy Dores

If asked to the young people nowadays, who is Deddy Dores? most certainly will shake one's head because did not know. Maybe some of them know Deddy Dores as the songs creator of 90's era that creates love song theme, with the progression tone and simple lyrics. Deddy Dores is musicians are multi-talent instrumentalist. Playing guitar, bass and keyboard as well. Beyond that, Deddy Dores is a vocalist with a unique vocal thin but capable of reaching strident high tones. other than as solois, Deddy Dores had joined with several indonesia's top bands such as God Bless, Giant Step, Rhapsodia, SuperKid, Caezar, etc. but everyone recognizes that Deddy Dores is the creator of a great song. Deddy Dores name synonymous with people who are behind the success of the phenomenal Slow Rock singer, Nike Ardilla. because almost most of the songs that are sung by Nike Ardila are works of Deddy Dores. Deddy Dores are important figures in the development of music indonesia.
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