Caffeine is a band that was formed in bandung since 2001. Caffeine is a band that just got a positive appreciation of music lovers indonesia since the beginning of the band's appearance in the music industry of indonesia, with the hit song "Hidupku Kan Damaikan Hatimu" that are on their first album "Hijau". after about 2,5 year "break" from the music industry, in this year (2009) Caffeine back again with the release a new album entitled "Trilogi of Caffeine", they serve 10 songs that are typically spread the power of Caffeine's love songs is now increasingly mature, in accordance with the spirit and musical of their personnels. It seems not a desire and a grandiose fabrication Caffeine if merely hope to repeat the success it has in previous achieve. Because this time appear not start as the 'Old Player', but because Caffeine's music have a good quality.

Hit Song : Hidupku Kan Damaikan Hatimu

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