7 Kurcaci

When the music genre like Hip Metal, Nu Metal, Hip Rock, Rap Core, or whatever it became a music trends into rock music in the world at that time, many bands in the world including indonesia want to follow the success of top bands in the world in this music genre such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, or Linkin Park. in indonesia, the names of the bands that appear with this type of music like a lot of pop. 7 Kurcaci is one of the Hip Metal band from bandung is famous enough at that time than the others famous band name, Saint Loco. 7 Kurcaci was formed in Bandung at October 11, 1998, a band at the forefront of this type of music. band name is taken from the number of personnel that they amounted are 7 people, and since that time steadily with the name 7 Kurcaci. 7 Kurcaci formation of early is Munkee (vocal), Resy (vocal), Devit (guitar), Ryad (guitar), Kuple (bass), DJ Cruz (Turntable), and Vicky (drums). 7 Kurcaci's first album titled the same as the name of their band, "7 Kurcaci" (self title) immediately get a positive response from music lovers indonesia with the hit song "Malam Minggu".

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