Sell Music Online

When I go and give lectures and seminars, this is by far the most frequently asked question by the musicians in the audience. There are variations on this theme, but essentially it boils down to this very simple question: now that there’s this internet thing, where’s the money and how do I get at it? What’s the best way to sell music online?

I tend to start answering that question by taking a quick poll. It’s a little game I play, and I’ll play it with you now:

Hands up, everyone in this room who considers themselves a professional musician.” Generally speaking the room is full of people with their hands in the air.

Now, keep your hand up if you currently make more than 50% of your income from the sale of recordings.” I counted 3 people. At one of the seminars. Once. They were in the same band.

There’s a presupposition in the question “How can I sell my music online?”

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