The Growth Phenomenon Bands in Indonesia

It's exuberant indonesia's music industry at this time, not necessarily separated from the people we love in music from original songs of own performers. Radio and TV stations as the media is a barometer of the music itself, at this time is dominated by songs local singer/band of indonesia. some even there the radio station that 100% that only plays indonesian songs.

This moment would like to take advantage of the by the musicians who have used/old exist in the music of indonesia to continue to create works that more progress for quality indonesia's music in general. and of newcomers, both as a soloist, duo, group/band, such as race want to be able to penetrate music competition in indonesia.

One thing that the ordinary happens, in a competition that is sure to win and lose. who have survived (exist) and have a sink. all that does not mean the band stand is it have a good skill and quality, and the less the band is drowned ago it is bad or standard. but many factors determine a band/singer that can survive and or exist in the music industry.

Promotion, is the most important journey in a band/singer to popular and success. the more often we witness a band/singer on TV, hear music in many radio stations, see the banner, etc, that is almost always present in every event of music, internet, and all forms of media that can be used as means of promotion, then indirectly a band/singer image will be entered into our brain memory. and we will be automatically created for the curious to know their music in the future. and finally, just a taste of music each of us will like the band or not it is. and at least we get, the band that it is present.

For the band/performers who want to establish a new all of that, not only enough willpower and seriousness only. many things that need to be cooked and the concept of capital is relatively bolster. can not be denied, the funds necessary to cut through bureaucracy that is complex things in indonesia. alternative steps as may be, we can move in the path of Indie Music. more container for the works of bands newcomers who move in the path of Indie. a kind of festival events, audition for compilation album, demo track, and of course in the internet.

Hopefully, The growth so many new bands in indonesia this phenomenon is not just right. but this revolution is the triumph of music to the indonesia's music in the future.
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