The Era of Digital Recording

Previously, artist/band that have been recorded and have a lot of the songs, is the artist/band who have the quality, and is a proud own. no one also, because the first decade of 60's - 90's is very difficult thing for the artist/band can have an album for the recording itself. because only a few of them who have a quality that can only give the opportunity in a professional recording by the producer or major music label.

Unlike the decades up to 2000's at this time. with advances in technology (especially electronic) which is very rapid, recording term is not a prestige again. I do not, because with the technology at this time, the recording can be done even in your own home. then no wonder so many artist/band appear in the new map of the music industry. they as newcomers no longer appear as the artist/band under the flag of a major label for this company is renowned as a recording of the artist/band, such as Musica Studio's, Aquarius Musikindo, SonyBMG, etc, but now many artist/band that have an own label, or a small scale recording company. but after all that, the quality of music produced is not much different from the artist/band major label.

This is the birth band/artist with independent music (Indie). This is called the "The Era of Digital Recording". recording their own songs at home with just a simple equipment such as computer with music software, and musical instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc, can produce a good music quality. depending on the techniques of sound and arrangement respectively.

But many people who felt that the artist/band at this time only be good by technology support, but the music quality/skill away from the band/artist relic. But actually not the case. because the artist/band can not differentiate in the quality. but from the other side such as the success and popularity, which is the main goal of the band/artist commercial. because from every generation will always show the artist/band that will become legend and phenomenon in the history of music. so....
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