"West", look "East" Start

Due to globalization, Music (especially western) can be said now this is almost out for further exploration of the music. they (western) now start looking for sources of music "Ethnic" to other parts of the world. How not to go to more countries in Asia (including Indonesia) so that they be shot, because Asian culture is very rich in cultural ethnic music.

According to the view of the west, ethnic music has a competitiveness and a high selling power in the creative industries (in this case music) in the future. not possible if a time music "Kacapi Suling" (typical of Sundanese), for example, will be able to penetrate the world market if arranged and hands in cold western musicians. This is well-founded if it refers to what happens at this time. eg "Latin" music which comes from the music culture of the South America, the world can be very modern with a touch of pop performers. and a lot of top-performers such as Gloria Estefan, Santana, to Jenifer Lopez, so that latin's music can be famous as a south america's music ethnic entire the world.

"We" (indonesia) have to start carefully, if wan't indonesia's ethnic music "seized" by west. if we do not already love the music as ethnic heritage our ancestors, do not regret if the western liberal "to claim" indonesian ethnic music as the original music that has been explored west or in improvised music, so the nuance of the new.

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