Trie Utami

Trie UtamiTrie Utami Sari, or better known as Trie Utami and also called by Iie, born in Bandung, West Java, on January 8, 1968, was a singer, song creator, and vocal teacher. Trie Utami is the sister of the great indonesian musicians that is, Purwa Tjaraka. Start Iie as a professional singer career when She became the vocalist of Krakatau Band, an indonesian band that brings jazz & etcnic music. Together Krakatau, Iie make the first album in 1986 titled "First Album." instead as a Krakatau's vocalist, Trie Utami, also known as a soloist singer, and Her name began popular after to sing popular songs "Kau Datang". However, Hers name more to publicly known after he successfully take the songs of "Keraguan", the work of Edwin Saladin Adelansyah, and as a competition winner at "Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja Prambors" (1987). In fact, the album successfully reach reach "BASF Award" as most sold out album in 1987 too. addition in the country, Trie Utami opportunity to feel the atmosphere of morld music with the various music festivals. whic is to be a "Grand Prix Winner" in the "Golden Stag International Singing Contest" in Brasov, Romania ( 1992). and also many other achievements in the hand held by Trie Utami.

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